Gun Stand

Available in solid walnut or solid maple with matte black gun replica or place your own retired weapon in the custom cut design. Each stand is “made to order” for your gun. Brass engraved plate and room for your badge to be mounted and/or full-color logo of your agency.

Gun Stand w/matte black gun replica ($380)

Gun Stand only ($265)

Hat Stand with Hat

Custom walnut hexagon base with hat, many styles available. Includes engraved plate, with room to mount badges or agency logo or patch ($435)

Heart Acrylic Award

Recognize the ultimate volunteer with this free-standing heart tipped on its side.

6” ($105)

7” ($115)

8” ($130)

Heritage Series

Elegant and stately columns highlight these unique walnut plaques. The Heritage Series is designed to be free standing or hang on a wall.

Heritage 12 ½” x 12” no clock ($195)

Heritage 12 ½” x 12” with clock ($250)

Ice Flow Crystal Acrylic

A unique cut free-standing crystal award is 1” thick giving the appearance of an actual ice flow.

4.5” ($90)

5.5” ($100)

6.5” ($110)

Incident Command

MGC-818 - Incident Command (12.5”), Hand painted ($150)

MGB-617 - Incident Command (12.5”), Bronze ($95)
Add  ($85 for solid walnut base with engraved plate.

Into the Flame

Into the Flame – Antique finish casting mounted on plaque board with engraved plate.

  • 8”x10” Walnut finish ($90)
  • 8”x10” Solid walnut ($105)
  • 9”x12” Walnut finish ($110)
  • 9”x12” Solid walnut ($120)
  • 10.5”x13” Walnut finish ($125)
  • 10.5”x13” Solid walnut ($145)

Into the Flame Perpetual Plaque

Antique finish casting mounted on plaque with engraved plate and 10 perpetual plates.

10.5”x13” Walnut finish ($130)

10.5”x13” Solid walnut ($150)

Laser Engraved Ceramic Mugs

Unique square shaped, laser engraved with your logo, department patch, or text. Available in black, red, blue, green, or orange ($30)

Laser EP Plaque

Black or Rosewood piano finish plaque provides a great contrast to your agency’s logo or patch engraved directly into the plaque. Brass or aluminum engraved plate.

LEP-79 ($64)

LEP-810 ($74)

LEP-912 ($80)

LEP-1013 ($89)

LEP-1215 ($98)