Heart Acrylic Award

Recognize the ultimate volunteer with this free-standing heart tipped on its side.

6” ($105)

7” ($115)

8” ($130)

Ice Flow Crystal Acrylic

A unique cut free-standing crystal award is 1” thick giving the appearance of an actual ice flow.

4.5” ($90)

5.5” ($100)

6.5” ($110)

Incident Command

MGC-818 - Incident Command (12.5”), Hand painted ($190)

MGB-617 - Incident Command (12.5”), Bronze ($95)
Add  ($95 for solid walnut base with engraved plate.

Into the Flame

Into the Flame – Antique finish casting mounted on plaque board with engraved plate.

  • 8”x10” Walnut finish ($95)
  • 8”x10” Solid walnut ($110)
  • 9”x12” Walnut finish ($115)
  • 9”x12” Solid walnut ($125)
  • 10.5”x13” Walnut finish ($130)
  • 10.5”x13” Solid walnut ($153)

Into the Flame Perpetual Plaque

Antique finish casting mounted on plaque with engraved plate and 10 perpetual plates.

10.5”x13” Walnut finish ($140)

10.5”x13” Solid walnut ($160)

Laser EP Plaque

Black or Rosewood piano finish plaque provides a great contrast to your agency’s logo or patch engraved directly into the plaque. Brass or aluminum engraved plate.

LEP-79 ($67

LEP-810 ($77)

LEP-912 ($84)

LEP-1013 ($93)

LEP-1215 ($104)

Law & Order

Available hand painted or in Bronze.

MGC2212 Law & Order Hand painted (13 ½”) ($155)

MGB1214 Law & Order Bronze (13 ½”) ($100)

Add walnut base with engraved plate ($125)

Law Enforcement Plaque

Rich rosewood piano finish plaque with law enforcement casting and engraved plate.

7”x9” ($100)

8”x10” ($110)

Leather Fire Bucket

Authentic 18th-century leather fire bucket, used by our forefathers to form bucket brigades; now available as decorative or collector’s pieces. Fire buckets are perfect for recognizing promotions, years of service, weddings and birthday gifts.

Each bucket is made with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, all text is laser cut, and logos are printed on heavy-duty canvas, and trimmed out with a decorative braid.

To order:

Leather Fire Helmet

San Francisco style leather fire helmet. Each leather helmet has an adjustable leather liner, beautifully detailed leather tooling on the back brim, and comes in your choice of white, black, red and natural leather. Additional colors are available upon request.

Helmet dimensions:

  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 12"
  • Length: 15"

To order your Helmet ($475):