Passport Make-up Bag

Designed to perfectly hold your necessary supplies for the Passport Accountability System. Room for extra Status Boards, Passports, Name Tags, Helmet Shields, Cleaning Supplies, and your spare Grease Pencils.

Each passport bag is made to withstand the day in and day out wear and tear that each scene brings. From the tough canvas materials, the heavy-duty zipper system and the bright visible red color these bags are a necessity for every department.

Passport Name Tags

Passport Nametags are available in Standard or Large sizes. Each is available in a large variety of colors. We are often asked about a "Standard" set of colors to depict the rank of each personnel, While the there isn't a set standard across the United States, We have noticed that many departments use white tags for everyone regardless of rank, and departments use white for Chief Officers, red for Company Officers, yellow for Firefighters and blue for EMS.

Standard Nametags


Apparatus Passports are a Velcro-covered board used to hold Passport name tags, carried on the apparatus (usually on the dash).

We recommend getting three per apparatus: one flexible (can be on the radio or coat of the officer until turned over to the I.C.); one rigid that stays in the apparatus to identify the firefighters arriving on that piece of apparatus; and one rigid at the station in reserve.

To make ordering an Apparatus Passport even easier:


8” dark antiqued copper-finished firefighter w/child and faithful dog. Engraving plate included on base.


The child with faithful dog statute ($125)

Peak Acrylic Award

Slant cut shaped acrylic mounted on a black marble finish base.

PS-31 (6”) Clear or Jade ($75)

PS-32 (7”) Clear or Jade ($85)

PS-33 (8”) Clear or Jade ($95)

Pen or Pen w/Case

Beautiful Rosewood ink pen or rosewood case with a pen can be customized with your agency name and logo for a memorable gift. Both the pen and case text can be customized for a completely unique one of a kind gift.

To make ordering easy:

Perpetual Plaques

Plaques can be customized with various plaque mounts, full color or laser engraved logos, pictures, or badges. The price listed includes the plaque, perpetual plates, and top heading plate. Prices for additions, such as full color or laser engrave logos, pictures, badges, or various plaque mounts, vary. We will custom design any size perpetual to meet your needs. Other plaque sizes available on request.

10.5”x13” Walnut finish, 16 plates ($160)

Phoenix Award

The majestic Phoenix Award combines art deco with elegant acrylic ($165)

Piano Finish Floating Acrylic

High gloss piano finish award features 3/16” thick acrylic plate suspended above the plaque surface. Available in portrait or landscape, free standing or wall hanging. Please specify black or rosewood piano finish.

8”x10”  ($100)

9”x12”  ($110)

Piano Finish Maltese Cross

The high gloss finish on this rosewood Maltese cross provides a great contrast to text and logo engraved directly on the plaque.

10” ($95)

12” ($100)

14” ($110)