FFB03 - The Original Firefighter sculpture (7.5”) mounted on a solid marble base with brass engraving plate ($220)


 The original Firefighter sculpture by itself - 7.5” tall ($170)


Copper finished firefighter on a solid walnut base with copper finished brass engraving plate.

FFCP-02 (10”) ($120)

FFCP-01 (13.5”) ($145)


Bronze finish firefighter head with brass engraving plate mounted on plaque.

FHS-68 Walnut finish ($64)

FHS-68 Solid walnut ($74)

FHS-79 Walnut finish ($70)

FHS-79 Solid walnut ($81)

FHS-810 Walnut finish ($73)

FHS-810 Solid walnut ($83)

FHM-810 Walnut finish ($77)

FHM-810 Solid walnut ($87)

Fire Attack

Oval casting of fire attack with an engine in the background, mounted on solid walnut 12”x15” plaque, with engraving plate ($110)


MGC-293 - Firefighter (13”), Black/Silver, Tan/Yellow ($240)

Firefighter Bronze

MGB-093 - Firefighter (13”), Bronze ($170)
Add  ($85 for solid walnut base with engraved plate)

Firefighter Perpetual

10.5”x13” walnut finish perpetual with firefighter figure. Includes top engraved plate and 12 perpetual plates ($112)

First Water

MGC-254 - First Water (12.5”), Black/Silver, Tan/Yellow ($150)

MGB-054 - First Water (12.5”), Bronze ($95)
Add  ($85 for solid walnut base with engraved plate.

Flag Cases

A beautiful solid walnut case, available with a shadow box.
FGC Medium with shadow box (W-22”, H-22”) ($300
FGC Small with shadow box (W-22”, H-15”) ($270
FGC Medium ($220
FGC Small ($180