Fire Helmets Buckets and Bells

Leather Bucket

Authentic 18th century leather fire bucket, used by our forefathers to form bucket brigades; now available to you for decorative or collector’s pieces; custom coloring and lettering available. Available in black and red/black trim.

Leather bucket with stock “FIRE” lettering (H-11”) ($210)

Custom logos or lettering ($50)

Mini leather bucket with lettering (H-5.75”) ($95)

Mini leather bucket with custom full color logo ($120)

Leather Helmet

San Francisco style leather helmet. Available in red, black, natural and white. Add  ($50 additional for natural helmet.

Helmet (H-8”, W-12”, L-15”) ($395)

Customized leather shield for front of helmet ($42)

Leather Helmet w/Base

San Francisco style leather helmet mounted on a custom walnut base. The base is reminiscent of the old time wooden fire hydrants, this hexagon base has room for the engraving plate and multiple sides for mounting badges; a wonderful tribute to those who go beyond the call of duty. Helmets available in white, black, red, and natural. Add  ($50 for natural helmet. Other colors available on request.

Leather Helmet with base and custom shield ($540)

Prepare badge and mount ($10)

Mini Leather Helmet

This is a miniature version of the tradition style helmet. Shield can be customized with vinyl lettering. Available in red, black, and white.

Helmet (H-3.75”, W-6”, L-7.5”) ($140)

Mini leather helmet with solid walnut mounting base and engraved plate ($200)

Small Apparatus Bells

Chrome plated 6” bell with eagle ($565)

Add a square “box” walnut base with engraving plate ($85)

Add a hexagon base with engraving plate ($105)