The Bravest

Bronze finish “The Bravest” on a 10”x13” solid walnut board with brass engraving plate ($145)

The Obelisk Acrylic Award

This elegant shape is a unique recognition award, mounted on a black marble finished base.

OB-34 (8.25”) Clear or Jade ($115)

OB-33 (10.5”) Clear or Jade ($120)

OB-32 (11.75”) Clear or Jade ($125)


Bronze finish casting “To Serve and Protect” with brass engraving plate mounted on plaque.

TSAP-810 Walnut finish ($85)

TSAP-810 Solid walnut ($105)

TSAP-912 Walnut finish ($95)

TSAP-912 Solid walnut ($115)


Solid walnut oval frame, bronze finish casting “To Serve and Protect” on velvet backing.

TSAP 810-OV ($150)

TSAP 912-OV ($160)


Reflection Acrylic Plaque, stunning acrylic finish with Florentine Reflection, available in black with gold or silver accents.

VPLX24-B 8x10 ($123)

VPLX24-C 9x12 ($138)

VPX8 Acrylic

Acrylic plaque with walnut base; available in green marble, blue marble, red marble, or black accent.

VPX8-A (3.75”x6.5”) ($65)

VPX8-B (5”x7.5”) ($75)

VPX8-C (6”x8.5”) ($85)

Wall Clock

Wall clocks provide a unique and exceptional way to recognize individuals for their service. Various clock sizes and styles are available. Please call for current selection and engraving options.

Waterfall Acrylic

Graceful waterfall edge accent. This award comes in clear or jade and is mounted on an acrylic base.

7” ($90)

8” ($100)

9” ($120)

White Cap Acrylic with Clear Base

Attractive white cap edge accents. This award comes in clear or jade and is mounted on an acrylic base.

6” ($77)

7” ($790)

8” ($100)