Custom Cast Fire Axe

Custom cast brass pick head fire axe with fine lightly stained hickory handle.

Small 14” Chrome  ($185)

Small 14” Gold ($300)

Medium 27” Chrome ($205)

Medium 27” Gold ($335)

Large 36” Chrome ($265)

Large 36” Gold ($390)

Laser engraved axe handle ($30)

Prepare axe head for badge mounting ($15)

Custom Challenge Coins

If your department has ever considered a custom challenge coin, now is a great time to get started. Ordering custom coins is very easy.

  • No die charge, no mold fee.
  • Artwork fee of $40 per side.
  • Minimum order of just 25 coins

Let us help you get the project started. 

If you don't have all the info, no problem. I'll help to fill in the gaps.

  • Artwork ideas - Send any graphics files or pictures that you have. If you have just ideas or concepts, let us know and we'll help with the art development.
  • Metal preferences - Gold, Silver or Bronze? Antique or Bright finish?
  • Any special design features you're interested in - Rope or diamond cut edge? Cut out design?
  • Quantity needed and date you'd like to have them in hand
  • If you have a specific budget amount, let us know so we can work within that.

Custom Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are imprinted with full color images, including pictures and/or department logos.

8”x8.75” ($19)

Custom Printed Mugs

Mugs are imprinted with full-color images, including pictures and/or department logos. White only.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs with logo ($18)

Ceramic Coffee Mugs, personalized ($20)

Custom Sublimated Puzzles

Puzzles can be imprinted with your logo, photos, or artwork. A great idea for a unique gift, one-of-a-kind award, or used as part of your fire prevention programs. 

Jigsaw Puzzle – 30 pieces Rectangle ($22)

Jigsaw Puzzle – 60 pieces Rectangle ($30)

Jigsaw Puzzle – 25 pieces Square ($20)

Jigsaw Puzzle – 25 pieces Heart ($20)

Customized Flashlights

Maglite flashlights customized with your text laser engraved. Great gift or award. (includes batteries)

5.5” ($45)

10” ($70)

Diamond Acrylic Award

Diamond shaped acrylic mounted on a black marble finished base.

DS-33 - Clear or Jade ($95)

DS-32 - Clear or Jade ($108)

DS-31 - Clear or Jade ($115)


Antique steam fire pumper embedded in clear acrylic, mounted on solid walnut base; includes 2” medallion, clock, hygrometer, and two pen set. ($305)


Antique steam fire pumper embedded in clear acrylic, mounted on solid walnut base. ($255)

Eagle Awards

Acrylic eagle is loaded with detail, from the amazing facial features to the graceful sweep of the wings and is mounted on a clear acrylic base.

AEA-01 (6x8) Clear, Jade or Sapphire ($105)

AEA-02 (7x8) Clear, Jade or Sapphire ($125)

AEA-03 (9x8) Clear, Jade or Sapphire ($140)