On My Way

MGC-337 - On My Way (10”), Black/Silver, Tan/Yellow ($125)

MGB-037 - On My Way (10”), Bronze ($68)
Add  ($85 for solid walnut base with engraved plate.)

Oregon State Corian Standard Plaque

Oregon State Corian Standard Plaque with walnut base.

6”x8” ($105)

7”x9” ($120)

8”x10” ($135)

9”x12” ($175)

10.5”x13” ($190)

OSW Axe Plaques

Originally created as an alternative to our rectangular axe plaque the OSW plaques quickly became one of our more popular items and are perfect for retirement gifts, firefighter of the year or years of service awards, and even for community recognition for donors or citizen heroes. What makes these so unique is our ability to create them in the shape of any State, County or Country.

To make ordering an OSW Axe Plaque even easier:


Solid red alder plaque in the shape of your state, matte black gun replica mounted, choice of colored aluminum or brass plate, full color logo and an option to mount an officer’s badge; handcuffs also available to mount. ($325)


Solid red alder plaque in shape of your state, laser engraved and treated with LazerDarc. Rich dark wording contrasts beautifully with the wood grain.

OSW-810 ($125)

OSW-1418 ($195)

OSW-2224 ($260)

Our Flag Was Still There

MGC-333 (15.25”), Black/Silver, Tan/Yellow ($475)
MGB-035 (15.25”), Bronze ($380)
Add  ($130 for solid walnut base with engraved plate.)

Oval Acrylic

Oval shaped mounted on a black marble finished base.

OV-36 (6”) ($110)

OV-37 (7”) ($120)

OV-38 (8”) ($128)

Oval Medallion

Solid walnut oval frame, bronze cast medallion on premium black velvet backing.

Medallion 810-OV ($305)

Medallion 912-OV ($315)

Oval with Clock

Solid walnut oval frame with rich velvet backing accents 4” quartz clock and brass engraved plate. Black, red, or blue premium velvet available.

8”x10” ($132)

9”x12” ($142)


Oval casting of paramedics working on a patient with the medic unit in the background, and Star of Life emblem mounted on solid walnut 12”x15” plaque, with engraving plate ($135)