Retirement Awards

For budgets large and small Cruise Master has the gifts you need to honor your retirees for their many years of service. 

17" Brass Speaking Trumpets

Speaking Trumpets have a long history in the fire profession because of this they are the perfect way to honor your retirees, promotions, and years of service. Trumpets are available alone or made even better; When paired with our solid walnut square or hexagon (Just like our hexagon helmet base) bases and trimmed out with a handmade cotton/rayon cord and 4” tassel it becomes the go-to choice for your next gift.

18" Pewter Speaking Trumpets

Like our standard 17" Speaking Trumpets our 18" Pewter trumpets share a long history in the fire profession they are the perfect way to honor your retirees, promotions and years of service. These Genuine silver polished pewter speaking trumpets have a unique look, making them a wonderful way to honor your next awardees.

Pewter Trumpets are available stand-alone or with a square or plaque base.

To make ordering an 18” Pewter Trumpet and/or Base even easier:

Axe Plaque

Solid Walnut or Oak plaques are perfect for retirement gifts, firefighter of the year or years of service awards, and even for community recognition for donors or citizen heroes. Each plaque comes with an engraving plate with your custom text, logo, and or full-color reproduction of your patch.

To make ordering an Axe Plaque even easier:

Axe Stand

Truly unique one of a kind axe stands are the perfect way to honor your retirees, chiefs, or firefighters of the year. Each Walnut axe stand is handcrafted and made to order by a retired member of the fire service. It's a labor of love and honor with each stand. Then we fit them with a brass engraved plate and full-color logo of your department.

Back to the Station

MGC-2206 - Back to the Station 13", tall Black & Silver, Tan & Yellow ($170)

MGB-1210 - Back to The Station 13", Bronze ($125)

Add $95 for a solid walnut base with an engraved plate.

Book Plaque

Solid walnut book plaque 9 ½” high with bronze finish “To Serve and Protect” casting and brass engraving plate ($150)

(Other castings available with different colored brass)

Custom Cast Fire Axe

Custom high-end fire pick axes are the perfect gift for your next awards banquets. Each axe head is molded by our master craftsmen, then the handle is hand-shaped, stained and sealed. Get the perfect message engraved on the handle or the axe head.

To order your custom fire axe:

Eagle with Flag and Glass

This sculpture represents the beauty of nature. Beautiful eagle mounted on the flag base with clear glass drop-in, reverse engraved.

(H-10”, W-5”, L-10”) ($130)


Copper finished firefighter on a solid walnut base with copper finished brass engraving plate.

FFCP-02 (10”) ($120)

FFCP-01 (13.5”) ($149)

Laser EP Plaque

Black or Rosewood piano finish plaque provides a great contrast to your agency’s logo or patch engraved directly into the plaque. Brass or aluminum engraved plate.

LEP-79 ($60)

LEP-810 ($70)

LEP-912 ($75)

LEP-1013 ($85)

LEP-1215 ($90)