Axe Plaque

Solid walnut or solid oak plaque board, with axe mounted, your choice of colored brass engraving plate with your custom logo or full color reproduction of your patch, with room to mount badge, if desired.

Solid Walnut or Oak plaques are perfect for retirement gifts, firefighter of the year or years of service awards, and even for community recognition for donors or citizen heroes. Each plaque comes with an engraving plate with your custom text, logo, and or full-color reproduction of your patch.

To make ordering an Axe Plaque even easier:

  1. Determine the overall size:
    • Small 12”x16” with 14” Axe ($355 Chrome or $450 Gold).
    • Medium 13”x30” with 27” Axe ($490 Chrome or $580 Gold).
    • Large 14”x38” with 36” Axe ($640 Chrome or $750 Gold).
  2. Chrome or Gold Axe head.
  3. Determine the text you want on the engraved plate
  4. Choose a custom logo or generic emblem.
  5. As an upgrade, we can even mount badges to the plaque. 


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