Standard Plaque

Solid walnut or walnut finish plaques with brass engraving plate and gold backer; room for your custom logo.

P-57 Walnut finish ($49)

P-57 Solid walnut ($58)

P-68 Walnut finish ($55)

P-68 Solid walnut ($63)

P-79 Walnut finish ($61)

P-79 Solid walnut ($71)

P-810 Walnut finish ($67)

P-810 Solid walnut ($77)

P-912 Walnut finish ($79)

P-912 Solid walnut ($91)

P-1013 Walnut finish ($90)

P-1013 Solid walnut ($105)

P-1215 Walnut finish ($105)

P-1215 Solid walnut ($130)

Star of Life

Star of Life scramble mounted on a plaque with brass engraving plate. 

7”x9” Walnut finish ($70)

7”x9” Solid walnut ($80)

8”x10” Walnut finish ($75)

8”x10” Solid walnut ($85)

The Bravest

Bronze finish “The Bravest” on a 10”x13” solid walnut board with brass engraving plate ($130)


Bronze finish casting “To Serve and Protect” with brass engraving plate mounted on plaque.

TSAP-810 Walnut finish ($81)

TSAP-810 Solid walnut ($93)

TSAP-912 Walnut finish ($89)

TSAP-912 Solid walnut ($103)


Solid walnut oval frame, bronze finish casting “To Serve and Protect” on velvet backing.

TSAP 810-OV ($129)

TSAP 912-OV ($138)


Reflection Acrylic Plaque, stunning acrylic finish with Florentine Reflection, available in black with gold or silver accents.

VPLX24-B 8x10 ($120)

VPLX24-C 9x12 ($135)