Fire Attack

Oval casting of fire attack with an engine in the background, mounted on solid walnut 12”x15” plaque, with engraving plate ($115)


Past President Plaque with half gavel, small firefighter head and brass engraving plate mounted on plaque.

GP-810 Walnut finish ($80)

GP-810 Solid walnut ($93)

GP-912 Walnut finish ($84)

GP-912 Solid walnut ($100)

GP-1013 Walnut finish ($96)

GP-1013 Solid walnut ($115)

Into the Flame

Into the Flame – Antique finish casting mounted on plaque board with engraved plate.

  • 8”x10” Walnut finish ($85)
  • 8”x10” Solid walnut ($95)
  • 9”x12” Walnut finish ($92)
  • 9”x12” Solid walnut ($102)
  • 10.5”x13” Walnut finish ($105)
  • 10.5”x13” Solid walnut ($120)

Laser EP Plaque

Black or Rosewood piano finish plaque provides a great contrast to your agency’s logo or patch engraved directly into the plaque. Brass or aluminum engraved plate.

LEP-79 ($60)

LEP-810 ($70)

LEP-912 ($75)

LEP-1013 ($85)

LEP-1215 ($90)

Law Enforcement Plaque

Rich rosewood piano finish plaque with law enforcement casting and engraved plate.

7”x9” ($96)

8”x10” ($102)

Maltese Cross Shield Plaque

Custom traditional leather helmet shield mounted on high gloss rosewood 14” Maltese cross plaque. Includes brass engraving plate and brass torch plaque trim ($198)

Medallion Maltese

Solid walnut Maltese plaque with bronze cast medallion and brass engraved plates. Medallions available in all fire ranks, fire scramble, and EMS.

12” Maltese ($255)

15” Maltese ($285)


Polished, beveled glass mirrors surrounding the engraved plate.

MIRP-810 ($135)

MIRP-912 ($145)

MIRP-1214 ($160)

OFB 1216

Solid oak frame with black velvet background, bronze finish “The Bravest” and brass engraving plate ($150)


Solid oak frame with antique finish scroll set on black velvet and brass engraving plate.

OFSP-810 ($118)

OFSP-912 ($132)

OFSP-1216 ($160)