Acrylics and Glass

Pinnacle Acrylic Award

Clear Acrylic is reverse engraved, mounted on black marble finished base

7” ($68)

9” ($80)

11” ($90)

Sabre Acrylic

Free-standing plaque with gold accents.

7” ($77)

8” ($97)

9” ($109)

Shield Acrylic

Shield-shaped acrylic is mounted on an acrylic base.

8.5” ($57)

Spectrum Chisel Tower

These acrylic towers are 3”x8.75”x2”. They are laser engraved with your wording and logo or design. The Chisel Tower comes in green, gold, purple, red, blue, teal, and black. Specify color when ordering.

DD701 ($145)

Prepare medallion and inset on face of tower ($15)

Star of Life Acrylic

Unique free standing 1” thick Star of Life. Available in clear or blue acrylic. Reverse engraved.

5” ($50)

7” ($80)

9” ($120)


Full color sublimation acrylic award. Use your own pictures, logos, and graphics or customize with unique backgrounds and photos.

6” Round (1” thick) ($74)

Rectangle (6”x8”x.3/4” thick) ($85)

Suspended Diamond

Beautiful cut and polished acrylic diamond suspended between two black pillars.

DI-33 (9”) ($112)

DI-32 (10”) ($132)

DI-31 (12”) ($156)

Symphony Acrylic

Free-standing and elegantly shaped plaque with gold accents.

The Obelisk Acrylic Award

This elegant shape is a unique recognition award, mounted on a black marble finished base.

OB-34 (8.25”) Clear or Jade ($105)

OB-33 (10.5”) Clear or Jade ($110)

OB-32 (11.75”) Clear or Jade ($118)

VPX8 Acrylic

Acrylic plaque with walnut base; available in green marble, blue marble, red marble, or black accent.

VPX8-A (3.75”x6.5”) ($60)

VPX8-B (5”x7.5”) ($69)

VPX8-C (6”x8.5”) ($79)