Acrylics and Glass

Eclipse Acrylic Awards

Freestanding 1” thick acrylic, reverse engraved with your message. Available in green, red, or blue backgrounds.

ECL-AN (3.5”x6”) ($64)

ECL-BN (3.5”x7”) ($69)

ECL-CN (3.5”x8”) ($74)

Flame Acrylic Award

Flame shaped acrylic mounted on a black marble finished base.

FS-31 (7.75”) Clear or Jade ($105)

FS-32 (9.25”) Clear or Jade ($108)

FS-33 (10.75”) Clear or Jade ($115)

Glass Circle

Simple yet elegant, this clear glass round is reverse engraved and set on a wood base.

8” ($105)

Glass Flame

Multidimensional art glass flame, fused and slumped by glass artisans. Each piece is unique, no two are the same. Mounted on a clear optical glass or solid marble base.

Clear Base ($260)

Marble Base ($205)

Heart Acrylic Award

Recognize the ultimate volunteer with this free-standing heart tipped on its side.

6” ($95)

7” ($110)

8” ($125)

Ice Flow Crystal Acrylic

A unique cut free-standing crystal award is 1” thick giving the appearance of an actual ice flow.

4.5” ($85)

5.5” ($95)

6.5” ($105)

Magnet Acrylic

1” thick self-standing acrylic award. Front and back pieces magnetically attach to create a unique and beautiful three-dimensional award. Can be customized with your picture or we’ll provide pictures and graphics for you.

4”x6” ($59)

Oval Acrylic

Oval shaped mounted on a black marble finished base.

OV-36 (6”) ($105)

OV-37 (7”) ($115)

OV-38 (8”) ($122)

Peak Acrylic Award

Slant cut shaped acrylic mounted on a black marble finish base.

PS-31 (6”) Clear or Jade ($70)

PS-32 (7”) Clear or Jade ($80)

PS-33 (8”) Clear or Jade ($92)

Phoenix Award

The majestic Phoenix Award combines art deco with elegant acrylic ($150)